Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo.
--Paul Simon

I just noticed my last post was in February. It's been busy.

I was invited in the Fall to teach a Collage Workshop at Nimrod. Oh please, don't throw me in that briar patch!! That weekend is here and we've all arrived at beloved Nimrod Hall, in Bath County, Va.  I brought a huge box of paper for the gals to use, examples of my work, and blank canvases to work on. Everything I brought this weekend revolves around my animal collages. Why animals?, people ask me. It's strange how everybody relates to animals. What is it about certain creatures that we feel a connection with? There are so many HUNDREDS of types of animals, but we all relate to certain ones. Yesterday, I went around and asked each person if they have a favorite animal -- a resounding yes from all: "dogs", "cats", "insects", "giraffes"... It's so interesting to me. And further, a lot of these favorites we may never see in real life, but only in pictures or storybook drawings. But holy moly -- seeing a peacock in real life? Or a zebra?  Talk about knock your socks off!! God had fun the day he created animals.

Most of the collages that were made were animal related, but some made pieces with other subject matter. Overwhelmingly, they couldn't stop!   I know that I have a really strong work ethic and painting/paper addiction and therefore spend inordinate amounts of time working while I'm at Nimrod, but I had no idea everyone would all be back working after dinner! AND Sunday morning. It  was a success.  Here are some pieces the workshop participants made: