Monday, March 8, 2010

Orange and Green and Glittered All Over

I am so excited about these new cards -- I started making them and became so enamored of them that I did them in 9 colors, and will probably do more. Actually had carpal tunnel return with my glittering frenzy. I don't think these pictures do them justice -- which is your favorite?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where In The World Am I?

I have been collecting maps for a long time, another one of those things I find, keep, look at over and over, and then, one day an idea comes to me. This idea I am doubly excited about because not only do I get to use all of these maps, but this also puts to use the piles and piles of small paper scraps I have stored here and there. It feels so good to clean out a little! Here are the first 2 maps I've finished. I pick a section, pick the colors, then start cutting and gluing. These are very time consuming projects! Still trying to decide on the way to frame them.