Friday, July 31, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Words...

Repeatedly, I have conversations with friends about our favorite words and least favorite words (mine: "pus" and "bloated"). I was thinking of favorites and how nice they roll off the tongue and what beautiful connotations come to mind, and decided to put them on some just as beautiful backgrounds. Here are "delight", "bliss", "confection", "affection", and "decadence". "Smitten" is in process. Here they are--

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My sweet sister-in-law was visiting from Florida and asked me to give her some painting lessons a few weeks ago. So I got to have several hours to paint as well. She's now addicted! I looked for her once during the week around 10 pm and there she was, quietly painting away...I hope to visit her in Florida for our next lessons!  Here is what she did--

Art Camp!

Home from a week at Camp Nimrod in Bath County, Va. to paint paint paint...under the genius and hilarity of laura loe ( Braved snakes, rain, lost dogs, and even a fire!! And came away with 7 new oil paintings (and did some stationery too), and also gained 5 pounds. These are my first landscapes other than flower paintings. Have been wanting to do these formal gardens for awhile. Tell me what you think!