Tuesday, November 12, 2013

He expresses himself as no one else scarce begins to do in the language of the art he practices. He is capable of an immense and exquisite correspondence with life.

Henry James, referring to John Singer Sargent

Until I made my first rabbit collage and began selling prints of it, I had no idea how many rabid Rabbit People there are out there. I am now selling 5 different prints of rabbits, from originals I have sold, and have sold many other collages that I haven't made prints of. The rabbits outsell all of the other animals.

A customer on etsy requested that I contact her anytime I do another rabbit piece, so she might have first dibs on it. I have, and she has bought several originals from me, and some rabbit prints and some rabbit notecards. (Excuse the general term "rabbit".  I have been corrected several times, one particular piece is a Rabbit, one is a Bunny, and that one is a Hare.)

On etsy, I have joined many teams, related to things I make and/or processes I use, and yes, I am on the Etsy Rabbits Team.  The customer mentioned before contacted me last week and told me that one of her beloved rabbits passed away over the summer, and could I do a painting of him. Then she told me I must think she's crazy, but she's not, she just loves rabbits. (By the way, National Rabbit Day was in September).

I assured her she isn't crazy, and that, believe me, there are lots of people just like her out there. For example, I am in the middle of working on a group of commissions. Someone wanted to surprise his wife for her birthday and asked if I would do a painting of each of the animals they had had together, but had passed away, as he wanted to line their hallway with the paintings. No cats, no birds, no gerbils. A couple of dogs, and 9 rabbits. Here are some of them: