Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Little Bit of Orange

When the trumpet brays, Kandinsky hears vermilion. The violin plays green on its placid middle string. Blues darken through the cello, doublebass, and organ, for him, and the bassoon's moans are violet like certain kinds of gloom. He believes that orange can be rung from a steeple sometimes, while the joyous rapid jingle of the sleigh-bell reminds him of raspberry's light cool red.

I'm really lucky that my cards and prints and paintings are in some great shops around town, with even cooler shop-owners. I can't sell my things where I start to feel anxious when I visit the shops. (sorry -- ain't got time for that...).  A few months ago,  one of my shop owners told me she had never seen one of my original animal collages in person. From different conversations, I also know she's crazy about her horse. And the color orange. 

I get a lot of requests for horse portraits.  I decided to make one for her, and make another one to scan and make prints of.   I made the one for her big enough so that it could not be scanned for a print, because if she were selling the prints in her store, it might make the original feel less "original". So a few weeks ago, I took it in to show her an original animal portrait . I was so flattered when she almost cried -- an orange horse just for her!! Here he is, along with the other one.