Friday, August 21, 2009

Bird Brain


I saw these cool bird buttons a few weeks ago and snatched them up, knowing even if I store them away for awhile, I will find a good use for them eventually. They are so sweet. Will I ever get over this bird thing? I am still enjoying this “crush” so  I’m going to keep on going with it. I’m reading two great bird books for even more inspiration, “Bird Brains” by Candace Savage and The Bedside Book of Birds by Graeme Gibson.


I happened to go back to the store today; all the bird buttons were gone…

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Jenny Tremblay of Sweetest Thing Bakery here in Richmond has been generous enough to hang some of my desserts on the walls of her bakery! She meets a lot of brides there to plan their wedding cakes, and I'm trying to get some of these same brides to have portraits of their cakes painted. I realized when I took some paintings to Jenny that I'm low on "cupcake inventory", so I added a few this week. Someone showed an interest in one before I finished it. Here are the latest sprinkle filled diversions.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I was just looking over my sales from July: I have been working my ass off! Usually I don’t take the time to appreciate where I’ve been because I’m already focused on the next thing, but, I have been working HARD!! I have also just had the most successful month ($) ever, so all of this work is paying off. Literally. A little breathing space. But I’m a little worried, this busy in JULY? But the holidays are coming! I already have a BUNCH of shows and events lined up and it’s only August. This is very very flattering and exciting but I’ve hardly had the time to think about it as I have been going top speed.


Above are pictures of a few of the items I offered at the Philly Wholesale Buyers Market.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back From Philly

Was lucky enough to be invited to the Philadelphia Wholesale Buyers' Market, and got back at midnight Monday. Exhausted all day Tuesday. There wasn't as much traffic as we had hoped, but it was great practice and met some great contacts, and got some wholesale orders. The Convention Center was right outside the Reading Terminal Market, a foodie's paradise. Here is what our booth looked like. I shared space with Silver Tree Art, Modern June, and Tasha McElvey Pottery. Thanks girls!